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Standby Generator Installation in Sugar Land, TX

From hurricanes to ice storms, residents in Sugar Land and the greater Houston area see their fair share of extreme weather. Natural disasters, Mother Nature, and rolling blackouts could leave you and your family in the dark. With a standby generator, you can power your home for days or even weeks.

Standby Generator vs. Portable Generator

There are distinct differences between standby and portable generators.

Less Power, Manual Operation in Portable Generators

Portable generators provide more limited electrical power. Power outlets on the unit are used to plug in appliances and other electric-powered home items. Portable generators are manually operated with the homeowner adding fuel and placing the unit in a safe place outside of the home. You never want to place a generator inside your home because it emits carbon monoxide when in use. If you are not home when the power outage occurs, a portable generator will not kick in by itself. You could come home to spoiled food or unsafe temperatures.

Turnkey Operation, Powers the Entire House in Standby Generators

Standby generators, on the other hand, automatically turn on when the power goes out. They also turn off when the power returns. You do not need to be home; the transfer of power occurs seamlessly. Unlike the smaller power of portable generators, standby generators can power your entire home. You do not have to pick and choose which appliances to use. You can cook, bathe, charge your phone, and do anything else you normally do, though you may not be able to do all of that at the same time. Having a standby generator can also increase your home’s resale value.

Standby generators are permanently installed on a concrete pad outside your home. It is placed near your electrical panel so the two can be easily connected.

The benefits of a standby generator include the following:

  • Whole-house power
  • Powers appliances, well pumps, HVAC, lights, and more
  • Automatic operation
  • Reliable in natural disasters and blackouts
  • Protects against electrical surges when the power returns
  • No carbon monoxide

The generator is set to run for about 15 minutes weekly to ensure it is in good working order and does not require maintenance.

Installation Requirements

Installing a standby generator is not a DIY project. At The Local Electrician, our highly trained professionals can install your new generator and prepare you and your family for the next outage. In Sugar Land, it isn’t a matter of if an outage will happen, but when. We will oversee the city inspection process. You will have peace of mind that your standby generator is ready at a moment’s notice to keep you out of the dark.

Pilot Rebate Program on Installation

For those living in Sugar Land, the city council recently approved an ordinance creating a pilot generator rebate program. This pilot program runs from Feb. 15 to Nov. 30, 2021, and applies only to permanent standby generators. The rebate covers the costs of permit and plan check fees associated with installation. To be eligible, homeowners must have received approval of all required city permits for the installation of a permanent standby generator, completed installation, and received approval of all required city inspections between Feb. 15 and Nov. 30.

Maintaining Your Whole-House Generator

Like all mechanical systems, a standby generator requires regular maintenance to keep it performing optimally. Maintenance includes changing oil and filters, particularly after periods of extended use. Annual inspections are also recommended.

Proper maintenance will include the following:

  • Checking the fuel lines
  • Checking the oil level
  • Checking the air filter
  • Checking for dirt, debris, and corrosion
  • Checking ignition and spark plugs
  • Checking hoses and belts

Contact The Local Electrician for Standby Generator Installation and Maintenance

No matter the season, the weather can wreak havoc on the electrical grid. In some situations, power can be out for weeks. We rely on power for much of what we do – from cooking and cleaning to keeping in contact with loved ones. With a whole-house generator, you will no longer be stuck with no lights, no air conditioning or heat, and no way to cook for your family.

At The Local Electrician, we understand the need to take care of those you love. We are a family-owned business providing superior service to each and every customer. We want to help you take care of your family.

Contact us today with your questions about installing a standby generator at your home. We offer a complimentary onsite evaluation and project estimate. Call us at (832) 688-4419 or complete our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.

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