How To Prepare For Storms Ahead Of Time

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Storms on the horizon can seem scary, but they don't have to be! Here are some tips to help you prepare for an upcoming storm.

Invest in a surge protector.

A surge protector is a device that protects your electronics from sudden spikes in voltage. However, make sure you purchase a surge protector and not just a power strip without surge protection.

Power strips don't have any built-in technology to prevent damage to electrical devices like TVs, computers, and stereos when there are surges in voltage. Surge protectors have this capacity, though the technology is pretty simple—it's just an extra layer of insulation between the outlet and whatever you're plugging in (like an extension cord).

The good news is that most surge protectors are relatively affordable and available for purchase at major retailers; however, not at all surge protectors are built the same. Always inspect the quality of surge protectors based on what they are rated for, and buy from trustworthy retailers instead of cheap aftermarket distributors.

So if you want to ensure everything stays safe during storms (or even at home), invest in one of these little guys if you haven't already done so - it’s worth every penny!

Batteries, Candles, and Flashlights.

Stock up on batteries, candles, and flashlights. You may be able to find all of these items at a local store, or you can go online to Amazon or another retailer to get them shipped quickly. Batteries are a must for powering your flashlight and phone during an outage—they should always be stored in pairs or groups (i.e., four AA batteries) to maintain their power output over time.

They should also be kept cool, dry, and sealed in plastic containers when not used. Candles make excellent backup light sources that don't require electricity; they're especially important if you have young children who aren't yet old enough to use flashlights properly. Flashlights come in handy when walking through darkened rooms or hallways during an outage; be sure yours has enough battery life before stocking up on other supplies!



Service your generator annually! Part of this is to keep your generator running efficiently, but it's also a good idea to have it serviced by a professional once yearly. This will help ensure that all parts of the unit are working well, not just on their last breaths from years of use.

It's essential to know how often you should service your generator because there are some things you can do yourself (like checking oil levels), while others require professional assistance (like changing spark plugs). Either way, if you're using a generator during an emergency and don't know how much experience you have with maintaining them or when they need servicing, give us a call!

Charge your electronics

Charge your phones and laptops. Having your electronics charged ahead of time can help avoid boredom during a storm and help when needing to contact emergency resources in the event of an emergency.

Preparing for a power outage is not difficult or time-consuming. With the proper preparations ahead of time, your home will still be bright and comfortable, even without electricity.


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