Understanding The Hype Of Electric Cars

Photo of an EV Charging station

We are not even going to begin to talk about the state of the world with gas prices. We are even debating just walking around everywhere for service appointments until we realize people might not want to add an additional 4 hours in commute time for service repairs.

So, while gas is a hot button issue, it got us thinking about electric cars, and while they are growing in popularity, some of you may be on the fence. While we are not here to sell you cars, we're electricians, not a dealership. We can say that when you learn about the benefits of a charging station vs. the pump, you might be convinced.

Charging Stations

After numerous jobs installing charging stations across homes, we gotta say these are a convenience that many homeowners rave about post-installation. Well, more like we see people light up when we tell them about not spending more on gas, and then they politely kick us out.

The benefit of charging stations in your home is twofold, with the most significant convenience being saving on gas. Homeowners can expect to spend sometimes upwards of an additional fifty dollars per month, maybe less or more depending on your vehicle usage, on electricity. While that can sound pricey, when you think about what you can spend on average a month on gas alone, the savings speak for themselves, especially with price hikes recently.

There is also the added bonus of skipping lines at the gas station or making any pit stop to or from work. Let's face it, sometimes we are just not in the mood for small talk, and anything to skip out on that post-work gas refill, where your brain is fried from a long day, and head straight home is heavenly.

Smart Home Functionality

While smart home compatibility is not exclusive to electric vehicles, there is the quality of life improvements that many smart vehicles have to make compatibility streamlined. With newer electric vehicles you can connect your car's system to voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or other smart home software to help pre-start your car. This makes getting to work in the morning more straightforward, but you can have your car's temperature ready ahead of time when it gets too hot or cold out.

The biggest hurdle with electric vehicles is their steep price for entry models. Not everyone wants to drop a down payment three times their salary for a Tesla. However, electric vehicles have become more accessible to the general public, so it might not be a bad idea to think it over if you see a good deal on one.

If you ever decide to get that EV, or already own one, at The Local Electrician we can help install a charging station for you! We can also help look at your home's electric usage to help better budget your potential purchase or just help save on your utility bills in general when you call (832) 688-4419