So You Want To Do DIY Electrical Repair?

close up of wires in outlet

Whether you are bored around the house or enjoy being handy with tools, DIY repair projects can be fun! Who doesn’t like fixing up things and letting people inflate your ego after a well-done job? While we support everyone wanting to fix up their homes, we have a line to draw for electrical repairs. While DIY repair can be a good idea, that can quickly change when dealing with electrical systems. We break down when a DIY repair is a good idea and when it is best left to the pros!

When Is DIY Electrical Repair Worth It?


When Is DIY Electrical Repair Worth It? (cont.)

So let’s elaborate on that last point. While you can undoubtedly do tasks like changing a light bulb easily, electrical systems are pretty honestly complicated. We are not approaching this topic from a perspective of losing business to DIY enthusiasts but quite frankly, safety. Ironically, more DIY repairs will lead to more business for us since you would be surprised how often we have to fix up DIY projects gone wrong.

Safety Above All Else

We have proper licenses for all our work because electrical repairs are complex, and there is a level of nuance when dealing with these systems. While you may be able to install a fixture with ease, there is a difference between an adequate job and a job well done. Poorly done installations or repairs might work in the short term, but we stress the short term. Over time, poor installations and repairs can lead to some issues with electrical connections that can break appliances or, worse, lead to some electrical fires.

Saving Money

Continuing off that last point, if you do an improper job in repairing electrical fixtures, you will be spending more money than you anticipated. Sure, a DIY repair might save you a few hundred dollars up front, but with shoddy work, you will need repairs sooner. When you eventually throw in the towel and hire a pro, you can negotiate for a fair price, but the net cost of this whole endeavor will be higher than if you just hired a professional from the start.

Knowledge Is Power

Let us stress that you can undoubtedly learn electrical systems to repair appliances since we all start somewhere! However, you need to know to walk before you run, so while we are happy to see more electricians in the world, if you still need to pull up a YouTube video before tackling a project, you might need more time practicing.

Hiring The Right Team

With any service, you need to do your research. Not every electrician will be amazing, and that applies to many professions. You always want to make sure your electrician is up to date with their certifications.

At The Local Electrician we have the experience, the certifications, and the proof to show you we mean business! So if you got an electrical problem, give us a call at (832) 688-4419 today! We are happy to show you our experience and make sure you know that your home is in good hands!