Why Is My Phone Charger making A Loud Buzzing Sound And Not Charging?

A close up of outlet

We spend a good chunk of time on our phones, and while new phone batteries are pretty durable these days, you'll still need to charge them eventually. Charging your phones can take a short amount of time with new chargers these days, compared to the hours they used to take in the past. What if you notice your phone has not charged despite leaving it plugged into the charger for over an hour? On top of that, you now see a weird high-pitched buzzing sound from your charger. Don't panic, we got you covered on what this odd occurrence can mean!

Check The Charger Plug & Phone

This may sound a little silly of a suggestion, but make sure that your charge is completely connected to the outlet before jumping to any conclusions. We by no means want to come off as condescending; trust us, this has happened a few times, but sometimes some phone chargers can be a little top heavy, leading to them slowly wiggling out of a socket if not inserted into the outlet completely.

Sometimes in homes with tamper-proof outlets, it can be easy to only insert a plug halfway into the outlet leading to connection issues. Sometimes, even small amounts of debris in your phone's charging port can cause connectivity issues leading to some charging issues. Carefully remove dust and you might have your solution! However, you are probably here since you tried this and this failed.

Checking The Outlet

For charging issues, test out different outlets around your home to see if your issue is localized to only one outlet. Sometimes outlets can degrade, leading to issues with the energy output to your charging device and an annoying buzzing sound. Now you need to have another new charger on hand to ensure the issue is not just your charging adapter or cable.

If you test all your outlets with both the old and new charging devices while still getting those annoying buzzing sounds, well, there's good news. Thankfully, the issue will not be the end of the world, but it could range from a myriad of factors that can be causing your charging problems. Sometimes a simple outlet repair can fix the issue, but if the issue is due to your home's wires or electrical panel, this may need a more in-depth fix. Before you put off contacting an electrician, remember that electrical repair is no joke!

Not only can repairs for your electrical system help you avoid unfortunate accidents, it can also save you money on repairs. At The Local Electrician we know how important it is to not get stuck with busted outlets and call (832) 688-4419 today!