Are Tamper Resistant Outlets Worth The Price?

Kids are a bundle of joy, until they aren't. While we love our kids, sometimes they can make a mess around the home that can seemingly come out of nowhere. When it comes to your home's electrical system, you always want to childproof your outlets, to avoid accidents, but those old plastic electrical covers are an eyesore. Well, the solution of the future is here, and its tamper-resistant outlets.

Kids And Outlets

Traditional outlets easily plug into electrical appliances and have no safety measures when plugging something into the outlet. For adults like us that know better, a regular outlet is a mundane object that fades into the background, but for a kid that doesn't know any better? When it comes to kids, sometimes they might get an urge to stick objects in an electrical outlet, and that is where the trouble begins.

The first problem with regular outlets and Kids is the dangers of electrocution from sticking foreign objects in an outlet. Metal objects or anything that can carry a charge should not come into contact with an outlet. Likewise, while safety is a big concern, foreign objects in an outlet can quickly degrade the outlet leading to some annoying malfunctions. Not only do you have a potential safety hazard, but also a future repair bill that could have been avoided.

Tamper-Resistant Outlets

A tamper-resistant outlet makes your outlets much safer due to a spring-loaded shutter. The shutters make it harder for children to poke an outlet with anything they find off the ground. Shutters in the outlet will only open with an adequately sized plug. Well, what if kids stick a similar-sized object in the outlet?

The magic of tamper-resistant outlets is that you must use strength to open those shutters. While you don't have to be the Hulk to open those shutters, the strength needed to force an object that is not a plug into the tamper-resistant outlet will be incredibly difficult for a child.

Prevention Is Key

You might be looking at the price of these outlets and think, well, why not just get those plastic electrical covers? While the electrical covers can cover an outlet, they are not the most secure option. Children can easily remove plastic covers, and you have an accident waiting to happen. With most tamper-resistant outlets, the price you pay is only a few cents more than a traditional outlet, and you have peace of mind knowing electrical accidents in your home will be a rarity.

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